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Medication Monitoring - Oral Fluid Toxicology

  • NO COST to the facility.

  • Make sure your patients are compliant in taking their medications.

  • STOP any misappropriations of medications.

  • STOP theft of medications.

    Oral Fluid Testing

    Mako Medical Laboratories provides physicians and staff with an alternative means in medication monitoring and drug detection. By enhancing and expanding our testing mediums, MAKO gives physicians and staff options to choose which testing source best fits their practice and their patient. Urine testing may pose challenges, whether it be space constraints in a physician office, limited staff, or the inability to observe a collection. Oral Fluid testing eliminates each of these worries, giving all physicians the opportunity and ability to monitoring medication and drug use within their patient population.

    Benefits of Oral Fluid Testing

    Convenient and Noninvasive Collection Method

  • Eliminating the need for special collection facilities
  • Practices no longer need same sex collectors for a supervised collection
  • Eradicates the "shy bladder" problem with urine testing

    Detects Recent Use

  • Medications and drug compounds take time to metabolize and pass through a patient's body in a urine test
  • Detects medications and drug compounds in saliva 30-60 minutes after ingestion
  • Significant absorption occurs in the mouth increasing concentrations after use

    Difficult to Adulterate or Substitute

  • Donors can collect their own sample supervised by the practice reducing the likelihood of a donor challenged result
  • The use of commercial adulterants such as Clear Choice, Fizzy Flush, Spit and Clean mouth wash and Cool Mint Listerine also had no substantial effect

    The MAKO Difference

    MAKO's oral fluid toxicology laboratory utilizes the most sensitive LC-MS/MS instrumentation providing the most sensitive identification of the target medications or drug compounds. Many laboratories still use dated gas chromatography instruments with higher cut offs and test menu limitations.

    MAKO offers one of the most expansive oral fluid toxicology test menus, targeting over 95 drug compounds.

    MAKO gives you access to our experienced and highly trained toxicologists to answer questions about your results and other testing questions.

    MAKO delivers customized result reports for easy to read summaries to providers resulting in clearer clinical interpretation and more concise clinical information.

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